I’m Vegard Wikeby,

A Digital Consultant.

Particularly interested in the blockchain running Bitcoin SV.

Want to work with me?

I have experience in leadership, digital consulting, website design, hosting & how to use Bitcoin SV in your business. If you have business needs that are in any of those categories or any combination of them, I might be the right guy you need to talk with.

Digital business is everything. Is your business ready for the new digital era?

When was the last time your business did something remarkable digital that shocked your competitors?

It’s time for you to win the new era of digital clients.

I work remotely as a freelancer in North America. I travel a lot for work & family, so timezones may differ.

My regular business hours is between 09:00 – 16:00 UTC -5. Monday to Friday.

You should definitely consider contacting me for growing your digital business. Send me an email & we can setup a virtual meeting within a 24 hours.

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I tweet about Bitcoin SV (BSV) on my twitter account. I spend most of my time towards educating & be educated around Bitcoin for Business.